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Become a Partner with Banx Management's JV Program

Leverage Your Audience for Substantial Earnings with Our OnlyFans Management Agency

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The Big Benefits of Being a Banx Joint Venture Affiliate Partner

Discover some of the reasons why the Banx Management JV Program is hands down, the best in the market

Exceptional Earning Potential

Join us and gain the opportunity to earn over $5,000 per sale. Our comprehensive OnlyFans Management (OFM) Licensing program is not just another affiliate opportunity; it's your next significant income stream.

Ready-to-Use Promotional Toolkit

From Day One, Access a Plug and Play Funnel, to generate you income straight away from email swipe files, automated funnels, and much more

Dedicated JV Affiliate Manager

24/7 Contact with your own personal JV Affiliate Account Manager, who is there to answer every question you have along the way, for our mutual success

Here's What You Get as a JV Partner

Discover How Our Integrated Banx System Through Partner Agencies Propels You to Success

Generous Commissions

25%+ on every direct sale, with potential earnings of $5,000 to $10,000 per successful sale.

Comprehensive Support

From marketing materials to sales strategy sessions, we're here to ensure your success.

Exclusive Access

Early insights into new offerings and updates within the Banx Management ecosystem.

Top Performer Prizes

Access to top performer prizes for top affiliates including bonus commissions, and luxury rewards

Account Manager

Access to your own dedicated account manager who will help you with everything you need to drive traffic and make sales instantly

High Converting Offer

Banx has generated over $50M with this offer. You know that this sells, you just need to drive us traffic.

JV Partner Success Stories

Hear directly from Successful JV Partners promoting this exact same offer

Lioyd  - $50k USD per month
corey - $31k+ per month
ben - $10k+ a month in less than a month
stacey - $10K+ per month
We have been Featured In
Featured in Forbes for our innovative business model

Forbes wrote a full article about Banx Management after we made over $3 million in revenue in our first 90 days of operating

Endorsed by renowned business figures like Brad Lea

who witnessed firsthand the program's effectiveness.

A track record of $30M generated in the last 12 months, proving the success and scalability of our model.
Join our 300+ Licenses All Across The World

Frequently Asked

How much can I earn per sale as a JV Partner?

You can earn over $5,000 per sale, with a 20% commission on every direct sale made through your referral. Our tiered pricing model for the OFM Licensing program means higher-tier sales can significantly increase your earnings.

What makes Banx Management different from other JV opportunities?

Banx Management is the leading OFM Agency, with a proven track record of over $30 million generated in the last 12 months. Our exclusive focus on the OnlyFans platform and comprehensive support system sets us apart, ensuring our partners are equipped for success.

What support will I receive as a JV Partner?

Our JV Partners receive access to a comprehensive suite of marketing materials, including sales funnels, email templates, and promotional videos. You'll also have direct support from our team to answer any questions and guide your promotional efforts.

Can I track my referrals and commissions?

Yes, we provide a detailed tracking system that allows you to monitor your referrals, sales, and commissions in real-time. This transparency ensures you're always informed about your performance and earnings.

What's required to become a JV Partner?

To become a JV Partner with Banx Management, simply fill out our partnership application and schedule a call with our team. We look for partners who are committed and have a relevant audience that would benefit from our OFM Licensing program.

Are there any fees to join the JV Partner Program?

No, there are no fees to join our JV Partner Program. We believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships without upfront costs, ensuring that our success is directly tied to yours.

What incentives are there for top-performing JV Partners?

We recognize and reward our top-performing JV Partners with special prizes, exclusive benefits, and public recognition. This includes placement on our leaderboards, showcasing your success to the network and potentially attracting more business your way. Prizes vary from exclusive trips and high-value tech gadgets to additional bonus commissions, all designed to reward your hard work and success within our partnership program.

How can I ensure my audience sees the value in the OFM Licensing program?

We've crafted our promotional materials and messaging to highlight the unique benefits and success stories of the OFM Licensing program. By leveraging these resources and sharing real-world success stories, you can effectively communicate the value and potential earnings to your audience, ensuring they see the opportunity as clearly as you do.